Sonoplot Microplotter

Print at room temperature ink-based materials for microelectronic and biological applications

Diener Zepto Plasma cleaner

Surface activation using air or O2 plasma

Jetlight UV ozone cleaner

Polymer surface activation

Uni-axial stretcher

Customised extensometer combined with simultaneous electrical recording of device performance

Range of strain: 0.1-100% (depending on sample initial length); Cycling: one to thousands; in situ imaging

Agilent E4980 LCR meter

impedance measurement; dielectric constant characterisation

Keithley 2400 sourcemeter

DC characterisation and I-V sources

Agilent B1500 Semiconductor device analyzer

PC-based parameter analyzer to characterise electronic devices e.g. thin-film transistors

Impedance spectroscopy

Gamry potentiostat

Electrical characterisation of (neural) electrodes in saline and biological medium

Various items in the biolab

Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet; Incubator; inverted microscope; centrifuges