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Nov.  26, 2014

Prof. Joao P. Conde

University of Lisbon & INESC, Portugal

Thin Film Silicon: from Large-area electronics to MEMS and Lab on Chip applications

June 23, 2014

Prof. Jochen Guck         Technical University Dresden, Germany

The Mechanical Properties of Cells and Tissues – Does Soft Matter?


Oct. 31, 2013

Prof. Sigurd Wagner   Princeton University 

Hybrid electronic systems for inteliigent surfaces

Oct. 4, 2013


Prof. John Rogers         University of Illinois, Urbana Champain

Stretchy Electronics That Can Dissolve in Your Body

Nov. 12, 2012


Prof. George Malliaras  ENSM, France

Organic Electronics at the interface with Life Sciences 

June 15, 2012                      

Prof. Zhigang Suo
Harvard University
Soft active materials – when mechanics meet chemistry
March 23, 2012
Prof. Andrea Ferrari
University of Cambridge
Nanotechnology with graphene, nanotubes and diamond-like carbon
Jan. 27, 2012
Prof. Ph. Coquet & Dr. N. Tiercelin
IEMN Lille, France
Reconfigurable millimeter wave planar antennas on ultra soft polymer
Nov. 17, 2011

Prof. Sylvain Grabriele

Université de Mons, BE

Role of integrin signaling and neural mechanical properties of diffuse axonal injury
Sept. 9, 2011
Prof. Dustin Tyler
Case Western Reserve University, USA
Neural Interfaces: from nanoscience and neuroscience to clinical implementation
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