ERC Proof of Concept POC

SOWE, 2016-2017

Pilot project

Electronic dura mater systems, 2016-2017 (12 mo.)

ERC – SNSF Backup Scheme, Consolisator Grant

SOFT, 2016-2020

EPFL-Harvard Medical School program

New generation of ABI: Translation to clinical implementation, 2015-2017

Functional Neural Repair, 2012-2014Auditory Brainstem Implants, 2012-2014

Electronic Skins, 2011-2016
EUJO – Europe-Japan opening of LIMMS, 2011-2015

NCCR Robotics, Swiss National Foundation



Wise Skin, 2013 – 2017

Spine Repair, 2013-2017

Smart BoneFlap, EPFL-CNP / HUG collaboration


Multifunctional regenerative conduits for periphearal nerve repair, 2013-2017

in collaboration with Prof. W. Rafful and Dr Pietro di Summa, CHUV