Flexible Bioelectronics – MICRO514

for Master Students (I and III) from STI and SV

Fall semester – Mondays, 12.15 – 14.00


Electronique II

for Bachelor Students (BA4) in STI Microtechnique & Electricité

Spring semester – Thursdays 10.15am – 12pm (ex cathedra); 12.15 – 1pm (excercies); Fridays am or pm (Labos)



Interdisciplinary Project – Lab in Tube

Design -> Fabricate -> Characterize -> Use


NEXT EDITION: Spring 2018 – registration early December 2017

Hosted in the Discovery and Learning Labs in the ME building

since Spring 2012, teams of master students within STI and SV are designing, fabricating and testing smart “catheters”. The Lab-in-Tube Competition aims at producing a sensory tube capable of monitoring in real time the temperature and flow of a physiological-like fluid flowig in a small tube.


section Microtechnique / Microengineering